Commercial Building Standby Generators Keep You in Business

Whether they serve people directly or do their work in the background, businesses are essential to daily life in our communities. Does this necessity end when a storm rolls in? If anything, businesses are even more essential during times of crisis. The weather doesn’t particularly care about this though. When a storm comes in and knocks out the power, it does so indiscriminately.

One way to fight this and stay in business when you’re most needed is with a commercial standby generator. So what is a standby generator and how does it help you as a business to better serve your community?

What is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is considered the gold standard of backup power sources. They kick in automatically during a power outage to keep power flowing to your building and shut off when the utility power returns. They require no user input, most units run self-maintenance checks, and they are installed outside the building to minimize any potential risk. The only potential downside, if you could call it that, of standby generators when compared to other backup power sources could be the cost of engineering and installing the system.

Standby generators are very scalable depending on your needs. They can be installed everywhere from residences to large businesses to construction sites. They can be used to power only the things that are absolutely necessary, or they can power the entire building. They are connected directly to the premises wiring during installation, so you don’t need an electrician on-hand every time you need some backup power. With a standby generator, you get reliable and efficient power that is totally hands off.

Commercial Building Standby Generators Are Good For Everyone

As a business, you strive to give your customers the best experience possible at all times. As a customer, a business provides you with necessary goods or services. That means keeping the power flowing even during outages is beneficial to everyone. Commercial building standby generators are hands-down the best way of accomplishing this. They kick on automatically within seconds of a blackout. In combination with an uninterruptible power supply, standby generators can even provide continued operation with practically no interruption in service. Blink and you’ll miss the blackout.

Timing Is Everything

Commercial building standby generators are great for business year-round, but they are practically a necessity during hurricane season. Especially here in Florida where storms can cause power outages that last for days, or even weeks, at a time. With June 1st—the official start of hurricane season—rapidly approaching there is no better time to shop for a commercial standby generator than now. The process of designing and installing commercial building standby generators can be very time-consuming so the sooner you begin the better. Your first step should be finding an electrical contractor.

You’ll Need Help Choosing The Right Generator

When choosing a commercial standby generator you have to think about things like what you need to supply power to, what your fuel requirements are, and where you’ll place the generator. That’s before you even get to all of the local and federal regulations surrounding commercial standby generators. These aren’t simple questions and if you aren’t an expert it can be tough to work out exactly what you need. That’s why it’s always recommended that you find an electrical contractor, preferably with experience installing generators, to help you out.

At Eau Gallie Electric we can get to work on meeting your business’s backup power needs right away. We have decades of experience installing generators across all sectors, public and private. By getting started now you will have the best chances of getting your generator in place before the first storm of the season hits.

Looking for a professional electrical contractor to install a commercial standby generator for your business? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us online to schedule an assessment today.

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