The Cost to Install a Home Emergency Generator?

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and the occasional alligator in the swimming pool are merely accepted facts of life for Floridians. These are the prices we gladly pay for the privilege of owning a home in the winterless wonderland of our Sunshine State. We’ll take white sand beaches over whiteout blizzards every time, especially when our houses are prepared to ride out any storm with a reliable independent power source.

Experienced Florida homeowners know that bearing the brute physical force of notorious hurricanes like Irma and Andrew is just the first round. The key to riding out the long aftermath of power disruptions which follow is preparedness. The investment in a home emergency generator is one that provides continuing returns, allowing intrepid Floridians to ride out the worst Mother Nature can dish out in safety and comfort year after year.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma cut power to 2/3 of all electric customers statewide. For some Florida residents, power outages lasted for nearly two weeks as utility workers labored around the clock to repair the massive damage to the aging power infrastructure. Antiquated infrastructure has been an ongoing issue nationwide in the US for decades. Even in the fairest weather, electric power can’t be taken for granted when power grid components fail simply because they’re old and worn out.

Professional Generac Generator Installation at Eau Gallie Electric

The 21st Century lifestyle is dependent on electric power; there is just no getting around it. Backup generators ensure that power is available to the home at all times whether the local power utility is down for two hours or two weeks. For those cases when evacuation is mandatory, automatic sensing activates standby power to the house when an outage occurs. That ensures that you won’t be returning home to a dark house full of spoiled food in refrigerators and freezers, and security and alarm systems stay up and running.

A whole house generator system is a sophisticated high-tech step up from DIY (do it yourself) small portable emergency generators. Fuel supply, connections, and circuit and switching integration must all be accomplished in compliance with local, state, and national electrical and plumbing codes. Generac is an industry-leading supplier of standby generators and the company strongly recommends that their top-of-the-line whole house power systems be installed only by their certified dealers.

The Cost to Install a Home Emergency Generator in Florida

Eau Gallie Electric has met the rigorous professional standards to become Generac’s authorized Melbourne, Florida dealer. Our factory trained technicians can usually complete an installation in 6-8 hours, and you can rest assured that the system is one you can rely on. The typical cost of installation ranges from $9,000 to $15,000 for a whole house backup generator system with the power and sensing capabilities to reliably support all the electrical demands of the house. If your house has more than 2 central air units, you could see higher costs. The variation for most installations come in the fuel supply. If your home has natural gas, you will probably be at the lower end of the cost spectrum. If you require a propane tank, you will be at the higher end of the cost spectrum depending on how much runtime (and so how large a propane tank) that you need. 500 gallon propane tanks are the most popular, so just filling the propane tank the first time will cost a couple thousand dollars.

The Generac Home Backup Generator Line

Generac offers a variety of home backup generators ranging from the Power Pact line for essential circuit coverage to the Guardian series for whole house power demands. The Generac Synergy varies its speed to match sensed load demands for quieter operation and optimized fuel-efficiency. The diesel-powered Protector Series is one of the most cost-effective diesel generators in the home backup generator market.

Eau Gallie Electric – When Power Failure is not an Option

As Melbourne, Florida’s authorized Generac dealer, Eau Gallie Electric stocks the complete Generac line as well as all the parts and accessories to ensure continuous reliable backup power is always available. We’ve been providing the standby power solutions for Florida residents since 1948, and our factory trained Generac certified technicians are committed to ongoing customer support for maintenance and warranty repairs.

If you’re a Florida homeowner you know that the next big storm is just right around the corner. When power failure is not an option, look to Eau Gallie Electric as your first and best resource for all of your home emergency generator needs. The first step to wise and prudent storm preparation is just a click away so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Generac Home Backup Generators in Florida