Eau Gallie Electric: Who We Are

Electricity. Where would we be without it? That’s the question we ask ourselves every day at Eau Gallie Electric. Our goal as electrical contractors is to provide the city of Melbourne, Florida, and region of Central Florida, with peace of mind so they never have to wonder what a day without this precious commodity looks like. We supply our customers and clients with top quality electrical contracting services and long-life power generation equipment, but our main goal is to execute excellent work, back it up with top-tier customer service, and do it all while glorifying God.

History of Eau Gallie Electric

In 1948 Garland Reynolds, a veteran of the United States Navy who fought in World War II, founded Eau Gallie Electric. Our company was one of the very first electrical construction firms in Central Florida. Our core values have served as the foundation of our company since the beginning and still hold true today: Cleanliness, neat, high-quality work, and attention to detail. We are still a group of dedicated United States Military veterans, who happen to be highly skilled engineers, licensed electricians and general contractors who strive to provide honest, reliable, and effective power solutions for commercial, government, and residential customers.  

Our Expertise

Our communities rely on utility companies to provide us with power every day. Without power life, as we know it comes to a standstill. The loss of power can cost the government and local businesses nearly eight billion dollars every year. When the power goes out and a utility company is unable to make timely repairs, it is important that homes, businesses, and government facilities have power. That’s where we come in. Our expertise lies in providing backup power solutions to government offices, commercial businesses, and even residential homes.


Many things can knock out power: natural disasters, routine maintenance, and even freak accidents. Whatever the cause of the outage, important government offices cannot afford to be in the dark.  We are certified and prepared to fulfill the electrical needs of the city, state, or federal government for any engineering projects. Our turnkey approach to providing excellent service enables Eau Gallie Electric to evaluate the exact needs of any given project and precisely execute the work in a timely fashion. Our goal is to provide honest, cost-reducing but not quality-sacrificing electrical engineering and contracting work quickly so our government can continue to work regardless of any sort of power outage.


Nobody is affected more by power outages than commercial businesses. No power means no business. No business means no revenue – which can put the business and its employees in a rough spot. Our expertise in commercial backup generators enables us to provide businesses big and small with the powerful generators they need to continue operations no matter how long it takes local utilities to restore power. We focus on efficiency and cost when we work on these types of projects. No business is the same, when we take a job we evaluate every aspect of electrical engineering and choose the best product for the job. We guarantee to only provide you with the equipment that is absolutely necessary for your business.


Losing power in a home can be just as devastating as at a business. Major appliances and air conditioning – along with life-saving appliances like oxygen machines rely on electricity. When power systems fail, homeowners want to be protected and backup generators can provide that. We are PowerPro Elite level dealers of Generac supplies. Which means we can provide our residential customers with the exact generator they need to power their homes during any power outage.

If you are seeking a Melbourne, Florida electrical company that puts quality of service and quality of product above all else, contact Eau Gallie Electric. We love providing backup generators and electrical services that power our communities.