Everything You Need to Know About Generators

Hurricane Irma caused catastrophic damage across Florida. This monster of a hurricane knocked out power across the state for weeks for some businesses and residents. The loss of revenue and waste of resources that was experienced due to loss of electricity has certainly been disastrous for government agencies, commercial businesses, and homeowners alike. After any storm, there is an increased interest in better preparing for the next storm. This preparedness awareness often creates a demand for generators. At Eau Gallie Electric, we specialize in providing backup power and generators for our clients. The usefulness of these machines can never be understated, however, there are many different types of generators. Selecting the right one for your business is what we do, and we’re happy to help you make this decision.

Types of Generators

When people think of generators they are often thinking a portable, gasoline-powered generator capable of keeping a few appliances and power cords running during a power outage. However, there are more robust generators available that can provide power to an entire house, and even some systems that can keep an entire business running.

Portable Generators

While we do not specialize in portable generators, their utility cannot be dismissed. These generators are available at home good and hardware stores across the United States. These types of generators come in various sizes and can create varying amounts of power based on your home’s needs. Typically portable generators have the ability to power large appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, as well as smaller appliances such as TVs, cell phone chargers, and fans. Most are powered by gasoline and must be refueled frequently to continue functioning. Further, because they are portable, there are safety precautions that must be followed to keep everyone in the household safe. These types of generators do not necessarily have the ability to power an air conditioner, and therefore may not be ideal for all homeowners, and certainly not businesses.

Home Backup Generators

For homeowners who do not want to be bothered by a power outage at all, a home backup generator is the generator you’ve been looking for. These generators turn on automatically when a power outage occurs. This type of generator is installed outside of the house and are powered by natural gas. This type of generator will power an entire house including air conditioners and ceiling fans. If you don’t wish to experience any disturbance after a hurricane a home backup generator is for you.

Business Standby Generator

Those who are often hit the hardest by power outages are businesses. Not being able to resume normal operations soon after the power is knocked out can mean thousands and even millions of dollars in lost revenue and products. Further, it can cause severe hardships for a business’s employees. Many business owners don’t think about the damage a loss of power can have until they have experienced it. By choosing a business standby generator you can ensure that your business is able to provide its services and products for customers no matter how long the power is out. These large generators are installed outside of a business. They are also powered by natural gas and kick on the instant that electricity is compromised. With varying sizes, they can keep companies of all sizes open and ready for business.

Losing power, as we often see during hurricanes and the aftermath of every hurricane that tears through the state of Florida, is one of the most devastating aspects of a storm. As utility crews work tirelessly to restore our main sources of power, businesses, government offices, and homeowners cannot afford to be without electricity for long periods of time. When you can’t be without power, call Eau Gallie Electric. Our team of electrical engineers, licensed electricians, and general contractors can help you decide which generator will best suit your needs. Our turnkey operation ensures that your generator will be installed quickly, efficiently, and ready to use whenever the power fails. If you have questions about backup power, don’t hesitate to call our Melbourne, Florida office for a quote.

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