How to Find an Electrical Contractor in Florida Who Specializes in Generators

Whether you’re a nursing home looking to comply with the recent regulations in Florida or an essential government building that needs to stay open even when the power is out you could benefit greatly by installing a backup generator.

Installing a backup generator isn’t always an easy process, however, especially when you have a large building. Choosing the right electrical contractor, one who is intimately familiar with generators specifically, is essential. With that in mind here are a few tips on finding an electrical contractor in Florida who specializes in generators.

Do Your Research

Installing a backup generator is a pretty hefty project, one that you need to get right the first time. A backup generator that is 95% effective is one that will fail when you need it. The project itself can take weeks, and in some cases even months depending on the size of the building and your power needs, so it’s necessary to have everything in order right from the start. This is especially true if you’re a nursing home attempting to comply with the recently enacted regulations regarding backup generators. These regulations were enacted for public health and safety and not having a proper backup generator can lead to fatal consequences for your patients.

This is why it’s so important to do your research and properly vet the credentials of an electrical contractor before you give them the job. The consequences of not doing so can be devastating to your business and the people in your care.

Ask Around For Recommendations

Word of mouth is a great way to assess the relative knowledge and experience of an electrical contractor. Especially when you’re looking for something specific like an electrical contractor in Florida who specializes in generators. Ask some of your industry connections whether they have worked with a contractor and what their overall impression of them is. Would they work with them again? How large was the project and was it completed on time? The pool of electrical contractors out there is fairly large so getting these personal recommendations is a great way to narrow your choices down. After you’ve done that you can move on to more thorough vetting.

Another good resource to consult is EGSA, the Electrical Generating Systems Association. EGSA member contractors are typically serious about the generator business and probably specialize in that aspect of electrical contracting. EGSA maintains a member locator on their website that you can use to find members in your area. It is also a good idea to call the building department of your local municipality and ask the electrical inspector who they recommend. While they might not outright direct you to a particular contractor, they might steer you away from problem companies.

A Strong Background In Electrical Engineering

When installing commercial backup generators, you want someone with electrical engineering expertise. Running a building on backup generator power is not as simple as putting some gas in the tank and flipping a switch. You need to understand the power requirements of the building and how the power needs tend to fluctuate throughout the day.

Every building is wired differently, so you also need to consider how power is distributed. Without truly understanding these issues you could end up with a backup generator that is insufficient for your needs or a backup generator that is much too large for your needs. Either way, you end up with a suboptimal outcome.

Experience in Generator Design and Installation

All of the credentials in the world don’t mean a thing without proper experience. Backup generator installation for major commercial projects requires a complicated synthesis of talents including price negotiation, fabrication, regulatory compliance, and electrical engineering. In most cases, the best way to learn and refine these skills is through years of experience. Commercial generator installation is not the right project for small, inexperienced contractors.

Find an Electrical Contractor in Florida With Generator Experience

Eau Gallie Electric is an electrical contractor in Florida who specializes in generators. We have years of experience working on projects for state and local governments as well as private businesses. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you design, fabricate and install the backup generator you need. Our expertise is in backup power management, including generators and UPS systems. Our breadth of experience in design, engineering, contracting and maintenance allows us to perform most of our work in-house driving down both costs and project time.

Are you looking for an electrical contractor in Florida who specializes in generators? A contractor that can help you design and install a backup generator that perfectly fits your needs? Look no further than Eau Gallie Electric. Our extensive experience in both the commercial and government sectors that allows us to complete projects on time while minimizing costs. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, give us a call at (321) 259-2885 or contact us online right away to speak with our engineers.

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