Airfield Lighting and Signage

Airfield lighting and signage are visual aids designed to assist aviators while navigating the airfield while on approach or on the ground. We provide the best equipment that adhere to DoD, FAA, NATO and ICAO standards.

With our vast experience, we can provide the airfield lighting and signage solutions you need. Our experienced experts will work with you to design custom solutions that meet your budget and schedule requirements.

Airfield Lighting

Essential to outlining the lateral and longitudinal limits of the usable surface of runways and taxiways, Airfield Lighting is an essential aid to pilots and airfield operators across the globe.

Eau Gallie Electric can confidently provide you with the service and application appropriate to suite your airfield’s needs. We offer complete design services and installation, inspection, and maintenance to ensure that all airfield lighting systems are kept up to date and in good working condition. With our experience, we’ve got your runway and taxiway edge lighting, centerline lighting, wig-wags, threshold lighting, and much more covered.

Airfield Signage

Airfield Signage provides necessary guidance and control for the safe and efficient ground movement of aircraft operating on the airfield. Providing location, direction, destination, mandatory holding positions and runway remaining distance, airfield signage is a must have for airfields of all sizes.

We can provide all the necessary components you require to enhance the awareness of personnel operating on your airfield. Our team is here to help ensure that your airport is always safe for travel, no matter the size of the airfield or number of aircraft.

If you want to ensure your airport is well lit and meets all signage requirements, Eau Gallie Electric can provide the experience you need to get it right.

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