Generator Repair and Maintenance Services

Generator Overhaul and Refurbishment

Essentially a form of engine overhaul, the process involves stripping down the generator to its component parts, cleaning/inspecting/repairing as necessary, and rebuilding the generator using approved procedures. Knowing how to overhaul an engine and generator requires in-depth knowledge and skill.

What generator overhaul and refurbishment do is restore the unit to optimal operating condition, providing you with an opportunity to extend its life by many years. The generator refurbishment process also helps in reducing generator running costs besides improving generator efficiency.

Why Refurbish a Generator?

There are two main reasons generators need to be taken apart and fixed or overhauled for generator refurbishment. The generator’s components can begin to wear out over time, and the operating costs of using a generator can increase.

The root cause is generally the same issue – operational inefficiency caused by worn or dirty parts leads to using more fuel than is strictly necessary. Generator refurbishment offers a lower-cost solution to this issue than completely replacing the generator.

Our Overhauling Service

We offer generator refurbishment for many generator/transfer switch brands, including Generac, Tradewinds, ASCO, and Thomson. We offer maintenance and repair services to ensure a quick turnaround for your generator’s maintenance needs.

Our generator overhaul and refurbishment services will restore your generator to its peak operating condition, providing you with an opportunity to extend generator life by many years.

If your generator is operating less efficiently than before or you want to protect your investment in the future, please let us know the problems you are facing.

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