Airport Navigational Aids

Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS) are physical devices on the ground that pilots see or aircraft detect while navigating the sky. Here at Eau Gallie Electric, we have the experience necessary to outfit your airfield to support or enhance it’s operational capabilities.

Visual Navigational Aids for Airports

Serving as visual glide paths and alignment aids to approaching aircraft, Visual Navigational Aids help pilots attempting final corrections before landing at night or during low visibility.

As an airport systems integrator, we know that our superior capabilities will allow us to install the NAVAIDS you need to operate safely. We know that all airports have different requirements, but years of practical experience help us to provide the best results for airports of all categories.

Non-Visual Navigational Aids for Airports

Ground-based, Non-Visual Navigational Aids provides pilots with the ability to navigate the sky using frequency transmitting equipment. Providing azimuth, visual range, glide path and alignment, these instruments assist pilots flying under instrument flight rules.

We supply and install equipment, including VORs, TACANs, VORTACs, Glide Slope Antennas, Localizer Antennas, Runway Visual Range, and much more to support your precision and/or non-precision landing and takeoff operations. Clean and strong transmission is imperative and the NAVAIDS team here at Eau Gallie Electric understand and ensure to provide the most suitable solution to match your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a complete solution for airport NAVAIDS project, we have the capabilities, capacity, and experience to exceed your expectations.

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