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Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

With many businesses moving their fleet away from fossil fuels and toward electric vehicles, electric vehicle chargers have become a priority. This is true for every business, from car dealerships to government offices, as more and more people adopt electric cars.

However, commercial electric vehicle chargers need to be installed professionally and require a high voltage outlet that many commercial businesses may not have.
Eau Gallie Electric can help. We install commercial electric vehicle chargers safely, efficiently, and at a great price.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity and become more widely available on the market, we’ve seen increased demand for commercial electric vehicle chargers. It makes perfect sense for businesses of all sizes as electric vehicles provide significant cost savings compared to traditional fuel sources.

Electric vehicle charging installation is made simple by Eau Gallie Electric. We’re happy to advise on the type of charger you’ll need, and we’ll ensure that your electrical systems are configured to cope with the demand.

Choosing an electric car charger company doesn’t need to be difficult, as we’re with you at every step.

Installation and Repair

Electric vehicle charging installation requires several steps. From a site survey to discover the preparatory work that needs to be completed to the safe installation of the charging point, our priority is your convenience and safety.

We offer professional electric car charger installation to ensure that the needs of your business, your staff, and your clients are fulfilled beyond your expectations. Along with electric car charging installation, we can also perform repairs to existing electric vehicle chargers.

We have the tools, experience, and troubleshooting ability to get your chargers back on track in no time at all.

EV Charger Maintenance

Commercial electric vehicle chargers will require maintenance from time to time. Loose sockets or connections, worn-out terminals, or other issues need to be remedied expediently. Even if your chargers appear fine, you will benefit from our expert commercial electric vehicle charger inspections.

We’ll be able to identify problems before they become significant issues.

Don’t let the installation or maintenance of commercial electric vehicle chargers slow you down. Get in touch with us today to meet your charging needs!

If you are looking for an electric car charger company in Florida, contact us today at Eau Gallie Electric, and we will be happy to help. We offer extensive services in Brevard, Osceola, and Indian River.

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