Residential Electrical Service

Residential Electrical Panel Replacements

The residential electrical panel is vital to the safe operation of the electrical systems in your home, and such panels have been in use for many years. Residential electric panel replacements are becoming more common as the systems age. Newer technology is available to improve safety and efficiency.

Electrical panel upgrades and electrical panel repair are also options depending on your needs. Our professional team of electrical technicians can help you maintain the safety and efficiency of your residential electrical panel, and you can be confident that we are always honest and open with our evaluations.

Residential Electric Panel Replacements

The modern home has far more electrical devices than could have been imagined in the past. As residential electric systems age, residential electrical panels may not be able to accommodate the increased loads being used by various devices.

While most residential electric panels are equipped with fuses or circuit breakers as a safety measure, this does not always protect against fires caused by overloaded residential electric wiring and electrical panel malfunctions. Some other symptoms of an outdated residential electric panel include buzzing, flickering lights, and an overall weak residential electric system that malfunctions regularly.

Residents are often surprised by how much safer their home feels after replacing residential electric panels with newer and more robust models.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades are residential electric panel replacements that improve the efficiency of your residential electric system. Electrical panel replacement is a fantastic way to replace outdated electrical components and eliminate any ugly or dangerous residential wiring hazards.

Some residential electric panels are still made with residential electric components from the 1950s, which can be a liability compared to modern residential electric panels made with residential electrical components from the 2000s onwards.

Electrical Panel Repair Service

In some cases, residential electric panel repairs are all that is necessary for residential electrical safety and convenience. With our expert level of troubleshooting, we’ll be able to determine the cause of any problems you are facing and respond accordingly.

If the residential electric panel is in generally good condition, residential electrical panel repairs can replace outdated components without needing a complete residential electric panel replacement.

Our professional team of technicians accepts nothing but perfection when it comes to home electrical panel upgrades and repairs. Request an appointment today, so we can advise on how to proceed with your residential electrical panel.

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