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Residential Surge Protection Systems

A power surge is an increase in the voltage of the electricity that is supplied to your home. This is often caused by weather activity, such as thunderstorms, but it can also be caused by problems with the electricity company’s equipment – or yours. Power surges can cause damage to electrical appliances and electronics. They can also overload your circuits or break them completely, making surge protection for the home an essential option.

Residential surge protection can be a worthwhile investment as it offers protection by helping prevent damage to your expensive gadgets and equipment. Consider the cost of replacing all your electronic devices, and you’ll see that it makes sense!

Surge Protection Devices

Residential surge protection devices for homes take the power surge and help prevent it from affecting your electrical supply so that there is no harm to your electronics or appliances.

Several surge protection devices are available, but all work on the same basic principle of diverting the surge of electricity away from your appliances. These devices are very effective in helping prevent damage but do require installation by qualified electricians.

Our Installation Service

While DIY surge protection devices are available to install yourself, they don’t offer the same level of protection that a professionally installed residential surge protection system can offer. Because they need to be wired directly into your electrical system, so they should only be installed by experienced professional electricians.

We offer surge protection devices for home installation service, helping to keep you safe and helping to protect your home against potential damage.

Does Your Home Need Surge Protection?

If you value your electrical devices or live in an area prone to lightning strikes, residential surge protection is a good choice. It’s even more critical if you have costly electrical devices to protect, and your area experiences frequent power surge problems.

We’re here to help, and we’re ready to advise on the type of surge protection you need for your home. Residential surge protection is made easy when you choose the team at Eau Gallie Electric to complete the installation.

Request a quote today and protect your home from power surges.

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