Airfield Lighting Electrical Vaults

Airfield lighting electrical vaults are above ground facilities that house regulators, controls and other equipment necessary to provide power and control for airfield lighting systems. Many times, electrical vaults require generators to provide backup power and Eau Gallie Electric has the resources and experience required to provide reliable backup and primary power supplies to your facility.

Eau Gallie Electric is a Licensed General Contractor, we are able to construct airfield electrical vaults that support your facility’s needs. With years of hands-on experience working on airfields, you won’t find a team that can support your project with a better track record than Eau Gallie Electric.

We Know Electrical Vaults

With experience working on airfields across the United States, we know electrical vaults. We provide a wide range of electrical services and understand the importance of electricity that aviators rely on.

As part of our electrical vaults service, we provide generators and regulators to work with an airport’s existing electrical distribution system.

If you need an airfield lighting electrical vault, we’re here to help. Concrete and masonry vaults of all kinds can be installed and configured to support your facility’s specific requirements.

When you need a contractor that knows airfield electrical equipment inside, outside, and underground, choose Eau Gallie Electric.

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