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Commercial Building Evaluations For Energy Reduction/Thermography Studies

Commercial building evaluations for energy reduction are a way to quantify the performance of an existing commercial building in terms of its energy use. The purpose is to identify opportunities to lower operating costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve occupant comfort.

We provide energy evaluation services and thermography studies to help you minimize the cost of running your business or facility while simultaneously working to protect the environment.

Energy Reduction Evaluations

Energy evaluation services identify the energy efficiency of a commercial building. Tenants, property managers, or owners may seek such an evaluation to compare energy use with similar structures for marketability, make improvements, and save money.

The process includes a detailed analysis of the mechanical systems that operate the building and their impact on energy consumption and evaluating how efficiently electrical equipment works. A key component is performing thermographic imaging, which provides information about thermal conditions within the building envelope, including air leaks, insulation quality, and window efficiency.

Other data collected during the study, such as weather data and time-of-use metering (or submetering), can be used to fine-tune systems to operate more efficiently.

Commercial Energy Evaluation

At Eau Gallie Electric, we can perform energy evaluations for commercial buildings to help you save money. We will create a customized plan to improve the efficiency of your building and will work with you to determine the best course of action based on budget and other constraints.

Your energy use can have a significant impact on your profit margins, and understanding how energy is used within your facility can lead to improvements that have an overall positive effect on your business.

Thermography Studies and Results

A thermographic survey is an expert’s visual examination conducted by a trained engineer for abnormal high temperatures within an electrical system. Thermal imaging is a non-destructive method of evaluating the thermal performance of a building envelope and its components. It uses infrared cameras to record images in which different colors or intensities represent temperature differences.

Higher than expected temperatures can indicate a problem with the electrical system that could cause issues if left unchecked. These issues could be loose connections, faulty equipment, or a range of other problems. The results of thermography studies indicate where to look to find them.

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