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Generator Load Banking

We have the ability to load bank generators as service for our customers to check performance. A load bank is used to test and exercise power generating and distribution equipment such as generators, transformers, and switchgear.

Load banks are designed according to different load levels, voltage classes, and harmonic requirements. If you are concerned about the performance of your generator or need to confirm its operational integrity, load banking a generator can provide the answers you need.

What is Generator Load Banking?

Generator load banking is a way of testing the performance of your generator. Load banking a generator involves connecting equipment to simulate a generator’s electrical load to test its performance in a real-world usage scenario.

When load banking a generator, we connect your generator to the load bank’s distribution panel, which is connected to a resistive load that can be programmed to match load requirements.

Once the load bank is powered up, load banking a generator begins by slowly ramping up power while monitoring and recording your equipment’s electrical output. The load bank simulates actual load conditions and load behavior (e.g., how much voltage sag would occur) to ensure that your generator can properly maintain or regulate voltage.

How We Can Help

Testing your generator will ensure that it is ready for use when you need it most. At Eau Gallie Electric, we provide warranty work for Generac, Tradewinds, ASCO, and Thomson, so if your generator fails during load banking, we can offer a cost-effective repair solution.

Checking that your generator performs as expected under full load conditions will protect you from safety issues and help you be prepared should you need to use your generator in an emergency.

Book Our Load Banking Service

If load banking a generator can give you confidence in the capabilities of your generator, or if local code requires routine load bank testing, we are happy to help.

Our superior generator service is delivered by six certified technicians, four of whom are Service-Disabled Veterans. We can provide quality service when you need it and load banking a generator can be scheduled at your convenience.

Let us know the problems you are facing with your generator and request a quote for our load banking service today.

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