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Industrial Electrical Construction Services

At Eau Gallie Electric, we have the capability to handle all aspects of your industrial electrical project, even the construction related phases associated with your project. In addition to being a licensed electrical contractor, we also hold a General Contractor license and, therefore, can provide construction services if your project requires it.

Having the ability to handle industrial electrical construction allows us to provide the services needed to construct any buildings and structures your project requires to house the generators, UPS banks, transformers, pump motors, etc. that are part of your job.

Our construction department provides industrial electrical services throughout the entire state of Florida and is ready to work with you to tackle your next big project.

We are Flexible in the Role We Take on Your Project

Based on the type of project you have, Eau Gallie Electric has the flexibility to adapt its role to provide the best service, quality, and pricing on any specific project. Examples of different roles we can take on your industrial electrical projects include:

Prime Contractor:
Eau Gallie Electric functions as the prime contractor on the majority of the work that our industrial electrical department does. Since we have both a State Certified Electrical License and a State Certified General Contractors License, we can handle the majority of the work required in-house which allows us to take control of the project and the quality of work. Having the General Contractor license also allows us to hire any specialty subcontractors that are needed.

Most of the projects we do as the prime contractor are for City, State and Federal agencies such as the VA, FDOT, NOAA, Patrick Air Force Base, NASA, and City and County Governments. We also do many projects for large agencies such as FPL and Tampa Bay Water.

The scope of work ranges from emergency generator installations up to 6,000kw units, to switchgear, main electrical panel, transformers, pump motors, and medium voltage transfer switch replacements. Our experienced teams go from difficult underground work and concrete encased duct banks to precision work with SCADA controls and security devices.

Many of these projects are an integral part of larger critical systems that cannot tolerate any loss of power. Examples of recent projects in this category include power to security devices in a county jail, 911 dispatch sites, a data center that serves VA pharmacies on the east coast, and a data center for the FDOT highway patrol center in Central Florida. The Eau Gallie Electric Construction Department is proud to be part of challenging projects such as these, where our expertise and superb project management skills result in success for your project.

Partnering with Manufacturers on Turn-key Projects:
We often partner with companies like CAT\Ring Power, Generac, and Tradewinds. In these cases, they provide the generator, ATS and fuel tank, and everything else is handled by Eau Gallie Electric. We handle permitting, scheduling, site coordination, and installation, and manage final inspections and the project close. Because Eau Gallie Electric has its own professional electrical engineering department, we can review site conditions and coordinate details with the owner in order to provide permit documents in a timely manner.

On these turn-key projects, our clients are predominantly City and County Governments, Fire and Police Departments, and Nursing Homes. We make it a priority to build strong relationships with our clients because communication on these types of projects is critical. Our experienced team takes the time to clearly explain the scope of work, timeline, and the coordinating of any items that could impact their daily routine during the course of the job. Because of our strong connection with our clients, we have repeatedly worked with them multiple times on various types of projects.

Design-Build Projects:
When you need an experienced industrial electrical company to help you plan and design your next project, Eau Gallie Electric is here to help. We have the experience and knowledge to handle every aspect of your design-build project from start to finish. We get involved from the very beginning and use our expertise to help our clients foresee and understand any potential problems they may face and any unique circumstances that need to be addressed on the project. We then provide the best options and recommendations, design the specific solutions, and then implement and manage all aspects of the project. We love the challenge of these types of projects and find them very rewarding since we’re able to demonstrate the decades of industry knowledge and experience we have and put it to use in providing the best possible solution for your project.

Why We Stand Out

There are a lot of electric companies to choose from in Florida so it’s important to understand the depth of knowledge and experience that a prospective industrial electrical contractor brings to your project. We pride ourselves on our experience, work ethic, quality of work, and total client satisfaction. Our team has in-depth knowledge, expert troubleshooting, and communication skills, and we ensure every project is done with precision, within budget, and delivered on schedule.

Contact us with any large commercial or industrial electrical need. We welcome the opportunity to show you what makes our company stand-out!

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