Electrical Engineering Services

Professional Electrical Engineering Services For Emergency & Standby Power Systems And Power

We provide professional electrical engineering services for emergency and standby power systems in Florida. Our engineering services are designed to support our residential, commercial, and industrial customers whenever required.

We also offer emergency electrical repair, typically required when electrical wiring has been damaged due to natural disasters, accidents, or electrical system failures.

Having standby power systems in place can minimize the problems caused by a power outage. You can rely on our electrical emergency services when you need them the most.

Emergency Electrical Engineering Services

When electrical power is cut off, electrical wiring can either fail or become damaged due to temperature changes. Wiring and component damage may also happen when the electrical system is not working as expected, leading to potentially permanent damage.

This could be from electrical overloads, short circuits due to wear and tear of electrical wires, defective electrical components, or numerous other reasons. Our electrical engineering services include emergency electrical repair to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.
We offer emergency electric engineering services to residential, industrial, and commercial customers for emergency power restoration.

Emergency & Standby Power Systems

Emergency and standby power systems are alternate sources of electrical energy which are invoked upon failure of the utility power. The standby electrical service provides power to keep the electrical loads on at all times during an electrical interruption. When the utility company completes its repairs, and electrical power is restored, the standby electrical system will automatically switch back to the primary power source.

Standby power systems are used in homes, businesses, and industrial settings to ensure electrical service is available whenever it is needed. Standby electrical services can also be provided in emergencies when electrical outages often occur or for long periods of time.

Depending on the facility, these systems will have different design requirements. These on-site power systems will affect every aspect of your facility’s electrical infrastructure. Therefore, it is imperative to possess a working knowledge of the codes and standards (national and local) prior to undertaking any project, as it will significantly impact the project decisions and costs.

Professional Electrical Engineering

Many people’s skills, efforts, and attention are required to reach the planned results in any given project. Our unique turnkey approach to electrical contracting services allows us to have most of the skills and talent involved under the same roof. This unified flow of work facilitates communication which in terms reduces errors. For the customer, this means that their projects are completed promptly and have a single point of contact when looking at project status.

We offer professional engineering services on government, industrial, commercial and residential projects. We focus on designing and installing Emergency & Standby Power Systems for new or existing facilities. Additionally, we provide full-service electrical design for most electrical installations.

Our team provides free on-site engineering consultation to analyze your project requirements and develop the most appropriate design that fits your time and budget while maintaining full compliance with national and local codes. Given our long history in the industry, our sound engineering practices allow us to: Evaluate the characteristics, performance, and cost of different manufacturers’ products, provide more realistic estimates, secure compliance with codes and standards, assist with fuel selection, emissions and deliver an overall economic analysis.

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